Budget-Friendly Mood Boosters



I firmly believe that we all deserve to live a less stressful life. Whether you’re hustling through a 9-5, chasing down leads as an entrepreneur, finding your way through motherhood, manifesting your dreams, or literally anywhere in between, you need tools to keep you uplifted. I’ve created a wonderful list to inspire you to carve out time to pause, so you can keep going. I realize we all recharge differently, and this list is inclusive of mellow moments and active adventures. Have a look, please!


  • Practice yoga– Visit a local studio or find an awesome free online class.
  • Take a luxurious bath– Light a candle, apply a face mask, add bubbles and your favorite essential oils.
  • Go for a walk– Soak in that sunshine for an instant mood booster.
  • Connect with a friend face to face– Put down your phone and meet a friend for coffee or a cocktail.
  • Draw or paint– Let your fingers travel freely and set your eyes on some color.
  • Write down your passions– Visually embrace all there is for you live and experience.
  • Listen to a podcast– Play through your car stereo or at the gym.
  • Read a bookA couple of pages everyday exercises your brain and shifts your focus.
  • Meal prep– One less thing to worry about during your busy week.
  • Bake donuts– It’s a fun change from cookies and you get to experiment with frosting and toppings.
  • Clear out your junk drawer– You may be surprised at what you’ve been holding on to. Let it go.
  • Do a guided meditationPress play to clear your head in 10 minutes or less.
  • Take a scenic drive– Bump up your favorite tunes, roll the windows down, and just be.
  • Plan a trip– There’s always time, even if it’s for a few hours.
  • Go for a hike– Align yourself with nature and add a little dirt to your sneakers.
  • Care for yourself– Shower, wash your hair, brush your teeth, floss, moisturize, and lounge in your comfiest robe. *Bonus option- paint your nails!
  • Greet strangers warmly– Smile and genuinely ask how someone is doing with the intention of listening.
  • Browse your local Farmer’s Market– Surround yourself with like-minded souls, sample treats, savor aromas, and perhaps discover your next great find.

Let me know which of these speak to you the most. Have a suggestion? Share with us! Help your fellow humans become the best versions of themselves.

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XOXO, Alicia



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