7 Tips to Less Stress

I knew I was deep when I went on Amazon and searched for “life organizer”


As if such a thing existed. All that popped up were calendars and journals. Cue major disappointment. That’s what having anxiety is like, at least for me. I didn’t know how to tidy up mentally. After some research during a moment of clarity, I across several tips on how to calm the inner turmoil. Amazingly enough, I’ve found a few things that help! I’m pretty good at implementing these regularly because I have noticed a huge shift in my mental health. And lucky for you, I’ve typed up these tools into a neat, concise list so you may reference.

  1. Listen to Inspirational/Motivational Podcast— I love Rachel Hollis’s RISE podcast. I really resonate with her voice as an author because I feel like it’s so similar to mine. I listen in the morning while cooking breakfast, cleaning, or during a walk!
  2. Journal— Yes, like a diary. I always aim to fill up at least an entire page. I talk about what I did for the day, what’s been bothering me, what I’m grateful for, any goals I have, nothing is off limits. IMG_1445
  3. Manage my to-do list— When I was younger I could knock out a two page to-do list like it was nothing. Now that I’m a mom, that strategy is no longer realistic. My resources need to be spent elsewhere. So I write down what absolutely cannot be put off another day. This has trained me to focus on what’s really important. Also, writing everything down on a physical calendar has helped me stay on top of things. I’m just not a mobile calendar kind of girl. I like to look at my whole month at a glance, not day by day.
  4. Do more of what makes me happy— There is a whole post dedicated to this topic, but I’ll keep it brief for this list. Live your life in a way that nourishes your soul, no matter how cuckoo that may look to someone else. Be authentic and genuine.
  5. Schedule in self-care— If I have to write on the calendar that I’m taking a half day to spend time alone to make it happen, then that’s what I gotta do. Mama needs her time, too!
  6. Listen to my body— Oh man this one is huge! My type A personality really likes to push myself to the limit to get things done. It’s hard to say no, but sometimes that’s the best thing to do. If my body is saying rest, then I accept that I need to stay close to home. If my body is craving movement, then no matter how I feel I need to honor that as well. Creating balance has been one of my biggest goals, and it’s an ongoing endeavor that requires lifelong attention.
  7. Essential Oils— Yes, really! I apply a calming, grounding blend every morning, a little pick-me-up in the afternoon, and I diffuse a sleepy blend at night. I also keep an oil on hand when I’m on the go just in case I need to take a few breaths and relax. My all-time favorite oil is Balance by Doterra. I can’t get enough!


That sums up a lot of how I’m striving to keep my anxiety in check! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. Big hugs!


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