Do Your Best and Choose Your Battles

Social media has twisted the expectation of the modern mother. Pinterest has some of the most creative and wonderful ideas I’ve ever seen, but if you get lost in the scroll, you can fool yourself into believing that your kids need an ultra crafty DIY mom when in reality all they need is you. JustContinue reading “Do Your Best and Choose Your Battles”

The Birth of Juniper Rose

Looking back As you may have heard, every pregnancy, every baby, and every birth are different, but I’d like to add that the same goes for mothers both first-time and repeat moms. The early days go by so fast. I didn’t realize it last time. Being a first time mom was like being thrust intoContinue reading “The Birth of Juniper Rose”

Are You a Suzy Homemaker?

You might be! “Suzy Homemaker” This is something I’ve been told on numerous occasions. Whether its because I cook and bake meals and sweets from scratch, sewing my husband’s clothes or creating dresses for my daughter, I’ve been told I’m a “Suzy Homemaker.” What exactly does that mean? At first, I just laughed because whenContinue reading “Are You a Suzy Homemaker?”

Valentine’s Day Inspired Cake Pops

If there’s one thing we love in my house, it’s fun treats. Everything from Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes and heart cut out sandwiches to baked donuts and the ever classic cake pop! Whenever I’ve made these, I always get asked how to do them. So, I’m sharing with you. And surprise! It’s not as hardContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Inspired Cake Pops”

Trunk or Treat in a Flash!

I love this time of year! I love all things pumpkin and apple spice. I love the cozy sweaters and cuddling up to my loved ones inside as we watch movies and eat freshly baked cookies. And I love the holidays! Halloween is so much fun! I think it serves to remind us to haveContinue reading “Trunk or Treat in a Flash!”