**Customized essential roll-on oil blend– Email me to get the process started. It’s so easy! Fill out a short questionnaire, and leave the rest to me. Please note, if you do not pay for the initial bottle, your order will not be processed. Additional bottles may be purchased at discount when 1st bottle is purchased.



Essential Oil Blend, 1st Bottle

A customized essential oil roll-on blend mindfully curated just for you! Free shipping included.


Essential Oil Blend, Additional Bottle

Discounted essential oil roll-on blends added to order






**Handmade Keychain Tassels– Beautifully crafted tassels to accessorize your keys! Easily clip to pant loop while you’re on the go. Or attach to your keys to find your keys in a flash. Show off your style with these lightweight, ultra fashionable keychain tassels! Sizes vary, check description. Custom options available!


Perfectly Pink-Keychain Tassel

Ombre shades of pink with bead cord. Length: Long *Pricing includes shipping*



Neon Dreams- Keychain Tassel

Stunning and vibrant neon pink, green and yellow with lemon-lime green bead cord and glitter strands. Length: Long *Pricing includes shipping*



Indigo Lover- Keychain Tassel

Ombre shades of light blue to indigo with bead cord, glitter strands and delicate lace. Length: Medium *Pricing includes shipping*



Leopard Obsession- Keychain Tassel

Classic leopard and complimentary colorway with black bead cord. Length: Long *Pricing includes shipping*




Purplicious- Keychain Tassel

Stunning purple and lcae with glitter strands and indigo bead cord. Length: Medium *Pricing includes shipping*


Boho Babe-Keychain Tassel

Life of the party and neon inspired with lace, glitter strands and turquoise bead cord. *Pricing includes shipping*