8 Photoshoot Tips + Tricks


As a stay-at-home mom, I wear many hats, sometimes big funny ones, but that’s a tale for another time. Anyway, the role of a stay at home parent is vast and wide. Fundamentally, it’s all about keeping the tiny humans alive. Sometimes that very important task is all you can manage for the day. I get it, I really do. But it’s important to have fun along the way! Sometimes a single income limits what you can do #becausebills. Luckily, there are plenty of budget-friendly activities for you and the kids.

One of my absolute favorite ways to pass the time is to host an indoor photoshoot for me and Jade. You can even invite some friends over and make a play date out of it!



My total investment for this dreamy Valentine’s Day inspired setup was $8.71, which were for eight heart-shaped balloons. Most of the equipment I used for this shoot I already had on hand since I do quite a bit of photography, but it isn’t necessary. Here is the link for my current backdrop and lighting setup if you’re interested.

It does take a little time for preparation and creative planning, so your pictures come out looking lovely and awe-inspiring. Other than that though, it’s super easy! Here are some tips + tricks to help you get started and make the most out of this fun experience.

Tips + Tricks

  1. Develop a theme! Source your inspiration from a color, a food, a holiday, or location.
  2. Source your home. Check your house for items that can be used as props and backdrops. A white sheet goes a long way! It serves as a blank canvas and really makes your objects and subjects pop. Don’t have a white sheet? You can grab one at a local thrift store for a few bucks. Or, choose a blank wall in your home. You may or may not have to rearrange some furniture, but the end product will all be worth it. Just avoid wearing the same color as your background.


    I purchased a white backdrop, but I also have a white sheet for the foreground.

  3. Coordinate with your existing clothes. I always plan mine and Jade’s outfits ahead of time. Shopping for new clothes is fun, but its an unnecessary cost. Spend your money on more important things, like donuts or pizza. Your outfits don’t have to be matchy-matchy, as long as you’re wearing at least one similar color, it will look cohesive.


    I bought the “love” balloon at Target last year. I think it was $3.

  4. Choose your props wisely and get creative. My number one place to look for fun and inexpensive props are Dollar Tree, that’s where I found the flowers and the balloons. Faux flowers add a perfect pop of color. They’re usually sold in a bouquet style, so grab two and simply cut each stem off! $2 can easily give you 8-12 flowers. Balloons are always a hit with the kids, too! If you have a little more to spend, I highly recommend the bargain section at your local Target. A second hand store is also full of hidden gems, such as baskets or chairs.


    To bring my balloons down to ground level, I tied them to the faux roses. Make your props do double-duty if possible!

  5. Feed the models. Nuff said.
  6. Think about the details. Make sure your bra strap isn’t showing, that your kids still have their clothes on, and find the best lighting (perhaps near a window). Remember, you can always crop later, so don’t worry if what you see in the lens isn’t photo friendly. Additionally, I suggest using photo editing apps to give your photos that little extra something special. I use Facetune, Lightroom, and Instagram!valentinesday6
  7. Practice makes better. The more you do anything, the more you’ll develop personal preferences, and learn from past experiences. Keep at it. valentinesday12
  8. Step in front of the lens. Set a timer on your camera and snuggle your adorable babe. For all of the effort, you deserve to join in on the fun, too! If you’re using your phone, record a video and then screenshot it while paused. You can still crop it that way. If you decide to host a photo play date, then ask a friend to snap a photo!valentinesday14

I hope you found these tips useful. Have fun with creating memories. Take the process lightly and keep it upbeat. This will help translate to camera. You’re bound to end up with at least one photo that you absolutely love.

What type of photoshoot will you be planning? Let me know in the comments!

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