Inspiring Women Project with Sondra Holtz

This post is part of an ongoing series called the Inspiring Women Project. It is a collective of women who have dedicated time and energy into building women up through resources such as products, services, or information. While some of the women featured in this series also work with men, some do not, and theContinue reading “Inspiring Women Project with Sondra Holtz”

Inspiring Women Project– Brittney Ellers, DPT

I can hardly contain my excitement y’all! The day is finally here to launch a series that has been been on my heart for a while. I have known I wanted to guest feature incredible people on the blog, much like I did in the past with my fitness blog. However, this time, I’m showcasingContinue reading “Inspiring Women Project– Brittney Ellers, DPT”

Are You a Suzy Homemaker?

You might be! “Suzy Homemaker” This is something I’ve been told on numerous occasions. Whether its because I cook and bake meals and sweets from scratch, sewing my husband’s clothes or creating dresses for my daughter, I’ve been told I’m a “Suzy Homemaker.” What exactly does that mean? At first, I just laughed because whenContinue reading “Are You a Suzy Homemaker?”

Valentine’s Day Inspired Cake Pops

If there’s one thing we love in my house, it’s fun treats. Everything from Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes and heart cut out sandwiches to baked donuts and the ever classic cake pop! Whenever I’ve made these, I always get asked how to do them. So, I’m sharing with you. And surprise! It’s not as hardContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Inspired Cake Pops”

Your Ticket to Thrive

It’s no secret that people today are busier than ever. Some people have to work more than one job to make ends meet. Others are full-time students while also working full-time. And having a family alone can take up nearly every minute of your day. I get it! Is it really a surprise that soContinue reading “Your Ticket to Thrive”