Don’t Say This at My Funeral

“She was a beloved mother, daughter, sister and friend. There was nobody quite like her and the world will never be the same.” I beg of you, please do not say this at my funeral. First, it’s so cliche; it really is. And while it may be true, it’s also a cop out. Those wordsContinue reading “Don’t Say This at My Funeral”

How I Transformed My Smile

Recently, I set out on a mission to improve my smile by whitening my teeth. And, maybe this isn’t going to be a sexy post, but dental hygiene is just as important as taking care of your body. I have struggled the most with taking care of my teeth. Luckily, I’ve never needed braces, butContinue reading “How I Transformed My Smile”

My Journey to Wellness

Every person who has set out to become better versions of themselves all have something in common: they have a past and a story. This is mine. I sat on the couch in pajama shorts and stared at my legs with disgust. “I hate them,” I said out loud as I picked up my thighContinue reading “My Journey to Wellness”

The Journey Begins!

Thanks for joining me! I’d like to start off by introducing myself. That way, you can get to know me better. What piques my interest? Food! I love checking out restaurants and diving into new recipes. I grew up with a love for the kitchen, so I’m skilled at  chopping, slicing, sauteeing, baking, you nameContinue reading “The Journey Begins!”