Inspiring Women Project– Brittney Ellers, DPT

I can hardly contain my excitement y’all! The day is finally here to launch a series that has been been on my heart for a while. I have known I wanted to guest feature incredible people on the blog, much like I did in the past with my fitness blog. However, this time, I’m showcasing talented and inspiring women whom I believe have knowledge and tools that will, through various avenues, enrich your life. A quick note about the women featured in this series: many of these women also work with men, while some do not. The work they do with women is the focus for the Inspiring Women Project.

Our first guest is an amazing human whom I have had the joy of working and learning alongside with, Brittney Ellers, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Pelvic Floor Specialist, and Yoga Teacher!

Brittney Ellers, DPT, PT, RYT (photo by Eunique Deeann)

Tell us about yourself. Where are you located, what brought you to the work you’re doing today, and how long have you been in your field?

I’m Brittney Ellers, a pelvic floor physical therapist and yoga instructor based in North County San Diego. I became interested in and passionate about the pelvic floor and all the modalities used to explore and heal this area of the body after learning about what women in particular go through in the postpartum period. This kind of care is not known about, or talked enough about, amongst the masses, unless you’ve dealt with pelvic issues yourself. I’ve been working with people for over 4 years in my field and I can see myself working on bringing this information to light for the rest of my life-it’s my life’s purpose.

What is your area of expertise, the main focus of your work? Every year since beginning work as a physical therapist, my area of expertise has changed or evolved. I love working with motivated people, who want to take control of their own lives – because it’s theirs! I focus on holistic healing, because I love and have experienced it myself, and think that more “conservative” approaches such as lifestyle modifications and awareness practices, such as yoga or breathwork, are more effective and sustainable than things like medication and surgeries. I apply these modalities to all areas of my clients’ lives – mind-body-soul.

What is your “why”? I think the world would be a much better place if people practiced more awareness, because once you’re aware, you can create change if you want it. My body has changed significantly since I started integrating a yoga practice, but it’s expanded more into my life, career, and most importantly, my mindset. I want everyone to experience the level of peace that is available, no matter what your story. I especially want women to know that they have SO MUCH power and magic. They just need to be willing to use it.

Tell us why your work is important. There are too many women and men who are disconnected to themselves, especially to one of the most intimate parts of the body – the pelvis. When you’re disconnected from any part of your body, or completely ignore it, you don’t get to access the true magic that literally is where you were born from. The womb space is the birthplace of security, foundation, creativity, sense of self, healthy sexuality and sensuality.

How does your work empower women? I actually don’t believe I have the ability to empower women. Only a woman can empower herself. Others can inspire you to live a more full and embodied life because they’re doing it, but truly, I cannot give you the power. No one can, except yourself.

How can people connect with you online? How can people hire/work with you?
My website is / IG b.ellers.

If you’d want to work with me locally/in-person or virtually, email me at

Next, Brittney discusses “cycle-syncing,” a term trademarked by Alisa Vitti. Brittney has studied this extensively, and it’s something I think that is extremely valuable.

What is cycle-syncing and how can it help us? Cycle syncing is when you adapt your nutrition, exercise routine, social/work/school calendar, and brain focus according to where you are hormonally in your menstrual cycle. Your hormones affect your mood, energy, attractiveness, pain tolerance, and even food cravings. Syncing to these shifts, which are happening in the background anyways, can make you feel like your life is streamlined without all the fuss or burnout.

photo by Eunique Deeann

Of course, we live in a very masculine and linear world where things are always supposed to increase, grow and go.

But if we as women can shift this perspective, support our biological blueprint and actually harness the feminine energy that we carry, we will find so much more success and ease in our lives.

Brittney Ellers

There are three primary goals for cycle syncing according to Alisa Vitti’s books and protocol (Alisa has trademarked cycle syncing):

  • regular periods and cycle
  • improved fertility
  • regular libido (sex drive)
  • becoming your best self (really though)

Not listed are all the symptoms that cycle syncing can help with that are directly related to your hormones. I dealt with weight gain that I was not comfortable with, mood swings, depression, anxiety, and PMS. What this book taught me was that while these symptoms are common and almost expected and accepted as being part of a woman, none of these things are normal.

photo by Eunique Deeann

Explain each phase and how to best support each phase/brief overview of a typical cycle. 

Menstrual // Day 1-7

Hormonally: Progesterone and estrogen begin to drop off, causing the uterine lining to shed, which creates the blood that you get if you’re not pregnant.

What to eat: Stick to warm and grounding foods like soup or stews. To replenish your body with iron and vitamin B for improved energy, think leafy greens or even seaweed. I love getting sushi during this time!

How to move: Do you even feel like moving?! Depending on your energy levels, think about taking a nap, a walk, or restorative yoga class. You can always ramp up your activity when your days get lighter and your energy increases.

Where to focus: This is a perfect time to take time for yourself, and do whatever you deem as self-care. I love to read, get massages, do my nails, and focus on letting go (physically and emotionally) of anything that’s not doing me any good. I also take into account what was working/wasn’t working over the past month for me in my life goals and begin evaluating.

Follicular // Day 8-13

Hormonally: Estrogen and progesterone begin to rise again. One follicle that carries an egg in your ovary will begin to grow, and your uterine lining will begin to thicken.

What to eat: Sticking to lean meats and proteins, as well as a wide array of veggies and fruits, can help your liver eliminate any excess estrogen/progesterone. Estrogen dominance throughout your cycle can look/feel like weight gain around the hips, thighs, butt, arms, and face, as well as heavy periods, mood swings, and PMS. I love to eat fresh salads with added chicken, stir fries with tons of veggies, and citrus fruit for my sweet tooth.

How to move: You will feel that surge of energy right after your period is done in this phase, so think about this being a fresh start for a new workout class! Try something you haven’t done before, or switch up your routine and work different muscle groups with new exercises.

Where to focus: Think about all the new and creative things bubbling up in your head… now jot them down! You’ll find fresh ideas flowing during this time so take advantage of your creativity and begin a new project. This is when I take a look at my planner and game plan the month for all aspects of my life, including meetings for potential collaborations, problem solving, and getting social.

Ovulatory // Day 14-18

Hormonally: Estrogen and testosterone spike! Here is when that mature egg is released from the ovary and enters through the fallopian tube towards your uterus, where it waits to be met with sperm for fertilization. You may notice changes in your vaginal discharge, as it usually turns into a milky texture, similar to egg white.

What to eat: Foods full of vitamin B, glutatione, and magnesium to keep the hormone balances of estrogen and progesterone in check. An easy go to for me during this phase is a homemade red sauce with gluten-free pasta (quinoa based is my fave) with shrimp and a spinach or brussel sprout side. You may experience a craving for sweets like me. I like to grab a dark chocolate bar during this time (because it’s so rich in magnesium!).

How to move: This is when I have the most energy for group workouts and HIIT (high intensity interval training). You can catch me in a boot camp or buti yoga at least twice this week of my cycle. Try that group fitness class, or even amp up your cardio, add plyometrics, and go for that long run! You have the energy and the neuromuscular control during this time to avoid injury.

Where to focus: This phase is all about socializing. Energetically and biologically, this is when you were meant to become impregnated, so your mood, attractiveness and attention is heightened. Your communication abilities are also amazing right now, so this could be the time to have a serious conversation that you’ve been avoiding, or even ask for something that you’ve been needing at work or in your relationship. Schedule a first date, set up that public speaking engagement, or go out with friends during this magical time.

Luteal // Day 18-28

Hormonally: Estrogen and testosterone begin to fall, and progesterone levels peak, so that the uterine lining can thicken enough to prepare for an eggs implantation. If the egg doesn’t get fertilized, these hormones drop from their peak and cues your uterine lining to shed.

What to eat: When I think luteal, I think roots, like sweet potatoes, carrots, squashes, and cruciferous foods to keep the liver and digestive system flushing out progesterone and estrogen as these levels continue to drop. Think about minimizing any alcoholic beverages to help keep your liver and digestive system on point and working smoothly, while making healthy food choices.

How to move: You may notice a decent amount of energy left during the first half of this phase, so you can keep doing what you were doing during your follicular and ovulatory phases if you like. But start to check in half way through and you may notice a need to slow down. I like to take slower yoga classes, with slow and intentional weight lifting to work on control, not speed. This time isn’t great for cardio, as it puts too much strain on your cardiovascular system. And during the second half of this phase, any cardio can actually go against muscle building that you’ve been working on and can lead to injury when doing high impact or plyometrics.

Where to focus: Just as in your exercise regimen, you’ll notice that you can keep up socially for a bit into this phase, but slowly your energy will start to turn inward. This is a perfect time to get your affairs in order, reorganize anything that isn’t working, do a whole deep clean of your home, finishing up all those cool projects you started earlier this month. This way, when you start to bleed again, you’ll have a tidy mental and physical space to relax and enjoy.

How can someone still support their body if their cycle isn’t “regular”? 

If you’re not quite on a regular schedule, on birth control, pregnant, peri-menopausal or in menopause, there are alternative ways to cycle through your nutrition, exercise and focus.

One way is to use the lunar cycle, which is also a monthly cycle.

  • New Moon = menstrual
  • 1st quarter moon = follicular
  • Full Moon = ovulatory
  • 3rd quarter moon = luteal

Cycle syncing this way can still give you balance to your efforts and energies that can feel more natural to you as you ebb and flow throughout the month rather than constantly following that linear path of growth without stopping.

What additional resources do you have for those who want to further their study? Blog link or books?

Books for period, pelvic and body health

  • WomanCode by Alisa Vitti
  • In the Flo by Alisa Vitti
  • Beyond the Pill by Dr. Jolene Brighten
  • Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Christiane Northrup, MD
  • Period Repair Manual: Natural Treatment for Better Hormones and Better Periods by Lara Briden, ND
  • Hormonal: The Hidden Intelligence of Hormones by Martie Haselton, PhD
  • The Fourth Trimester by Kimberly Ann Johnson
  • The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD


Brittney is such a wealth of knowledge, right?! I can personally attest to how powerful this information is. And I’m not kidding when I say that everyone can benefit by learning more about their bodies. “Get curious” is my motto, and I hope that there was a spark that ignited within you to dive deeper into understanding not only your body, but your cycle.

I have an amazing roster of women to introduce to you. Make sure you’re following the blog, so you stay up to date with what’s going on. There’s plenty more gold nuggets of wisdom headed your way. I also encourage you to join the community over on Instagram, @magicmama_ Chat soon!

Ultimate Guide to the Divine Feminine

the divine feminine

Hello to all my readers out there, this one goes out to all the ladies! If you’ve been following along on Instagram, then you already know what we’re going to get into in this post. Just *in case* you missed it, I dedicated an entire week to helping other women tap into and re-connect to their divine feminine. We practiced all kinds of ways of bringing out sensuality and, most importantly, normalizing talking about it!

*Trigger Warning, we will be discussing sexuality, so before we dive in, I wanted to give you a heads up in case you’re experiencing trauma surrounding this subject. This can be a hard enough topic to discuss, so please proceed at your own pace.

I launched a 7 day pop-up challenge on Instagram with varying practices for each day. I have been really wanting to showcase this subject. I decided to be subtle about it because I didn’t want to scare anyone away from participating. We started slow where I offered up different mantras to choose from. Then, I explained that it would be the theme for the week. By not making a huge announcement, I had hoped it would come across as a normal conversation, because it should be! As womxn, we should be comfortable talking about this, but not surprisingly, it’s actually quite hard for a lot of us to do, much less be open about it on social media.

I wanted to break this underlying belief that women’s bodies and the ideas surrounding these bodies aren’t ours. They are. I wanted us to feel empowered. There are many reasons why we as womxn struggle to feel comfortable in our bodies. For some, it was early onset of puberty and being bullied as a result. Some men have also made us feel unsafe by catcalling, giving unwanted attention, and, unfortunately, assault. We’re deemed prude for saying no, and we’re labeled slutty if we say yes. We’re torn down if we show skin, and if we have the audacity to dance and post it on social media we are publicly shamed.

Enough is ENOUGH. Are you tired of this? Because I sure as hell am. I’m done being told how to feel about my body, my curves. I’m over it. It’s CANCELED! Ladies, we are not here to be ridiculed and we absolutely do not have to put up with it. And I hope you don’t. Furthermore, we are not here for the pleasure of men. Our existence does not revolve around serving other people nor ensuring that we uphold their expectations before our own wants and needs.

embrace your unique beauty

Alright, so we’re going to freshen up on what we covered this week. I want every womxn to feel empowered. I want you to express yourself, and speak up for yourself. This guide is yours to take with you on your journey, to revisit time and time again, and to share with someone you feel could use it. I suggest following this guide and the strategies provided every day for a week to help you reconnect to your divine feminine energy. And of course, you are welcome to utilize these tools whenever you need to!

The 7-Day Challenge

Day 1: Choose your mantra. It can be one of the ones provided below, or it can be any mantra that makes you feel strong. Carry these words with you, let their power seep into you and fill you with confidence and courage.

Day 2: Craft your nightly ritual. The moon expresses feminine energy. Tap into her power by creating your ideal night routine. This is your time to treat yourself. Bubble baths with rose petals, silky pajamas (maybe something sexy!), a proper skincare routine, whatever it is that allows you to drop into a more sensual mindset. I also recommend gazing at the moon, even for just a few minutes. Aim to practice your ritual consistently!

nightly rituals

Day 3: Unlock your hips, open your root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras and release stale energy. I created a delicious sensual dance flow for you over on IGTV. It’s a confidence booster and a game changer! Check it out below.

Day 4: Push through fear. I asked my followers to post a daring photo (if they felt comfortable to do so). I knew it wasn’t an easy ask. It’s incredibly vulnerable and frightening. In fact, one of the comments I received was, “Omg, so scary to even think about doing this. I’m worried what people might think or say.” And she wasn’t the only one who expressed this. My suggestion would be to take the photo, even if you’re not going to post it. Going through that action will activate your divine feminine.

embrce your beauty

Our society has placed a tremendous amount of pressure on women, and instead of embracing our boldness to reclaim our power by declaring our imperfections divine, society continues to feed us unrealistic beauty standards that are perpetuated by celebrities that many of us idolize. This coupled with outdated behavior expectations is all too much. It’s maddening.

Alicia Henson, @magicmama_

Day 5: Post a photo of yourself that you love. I also asked my followers to include an image of them wearing lipstick if they were ever bullied about their appearance. The goal here was to express resiliency. No matter what someone has said to try to strip you of your power, you rise up and stand tall. The very act of connecting with an image and attaching a positive emotion despite a negative memory to it is the definition of an empowered person.

feel good friday challenge participant

Days 6 & 7: Reflect & Rest. These exercises can bring up trauma and fear. Take some time to work through whatever came up. Journaling, movement, and meditation are all wonderful tools. Do you show up differently now after having gone through it? Note your observations using the journal prompts below. This work can also feel draining, especially if you stepped way out of comfort zone, so take care of you. Take a social media break, go out and have fun, recharge.

  • what am I feeling right now?
  • when did I experience moments of resistance?
  • what did this work teach me?
  • in what capacity do I feel a change?
  • what was my favorite moment?
  • how will I keep the momentum?

empowering photo

There is a community of womxn waiting to meet you! Messages like this are what makes it all worth it. I love empowering you to feel and be your best.

pinterest pin

As always, I’d love for you join the community by subscribing and following. I have a new and exciting series launching on the blog soon! And believe me, you won’t want to miss it! Join in on Instagram, too! Until next time, have a beautiful day ❤


How to Instantly Improve Your Relationships

Instantly improve your relationships in one step!

Humans crave connection. We may each express ourselves differently as introverts or extroverts, but we all desire meaningful relationships. This includes all kinds of interactions as well: romantic, platonic, casual, etc.

I’m going to share with you the number one reason why we struggle in our relationships and how to remedy it immediately and instantly. For some, it will be easier said than done and they’ll put off doing the hard work. For others, you’ll want to get started right away, so you can create the healthy connections you deeply crave.

The root to this problem resides within you. In each of us. Some call it stubbornness or strong-willed. I call it ego. And it’s not always showcased in obvious ways. Ego shows up in other ways and prevents us from having the relationships we want. It’s found in defensiveness, interrupting others, and deception.

Maybe you’re thinking none of these apply to you, that would be ego as well.

If you’ve ever lied to get out of going to a party, or responded rashly to a comment on Facebook, then you are responsible for the limitations in your friendships. I know that can be hard to read, but I need you to know that I’m telling you this from a place of love, and because I want more for you. I want you to know that I am nowhere near perfect, but it was this self-discovery and journey to being better that I feel compelled to help you shine light on your shadows.

So, what do you do?

Well, it’s simple, but does require that you put in the hard work.

Check your ego.

Only you know the extent of your ego leading you. You and I can do the work together too, there’s nothing wrong with asking for guidance. Not quite ready to take on a 1:1? Here are some things you can do today to get you started.

-Think before you respond.

-Check in to see if you have internal struggles that could project on to a stranger or loved one.

-Take a break to re-evaluate certain relationships and whether a boundary could be beneficial.

-When offering help or giving, do it because you want to, not because you expect something in return. Even if you’re simply dropping off cookies to a neighbor, don’t expect for your container to be returned. Sure, it would be nice, but be okay with letting it go. That way, when/if it is returned, you’ll be happily surprised. People matter more than objects.

-And finally, say thank you. For big things and small things. Say thank you for all things.

I hope this post planted the seed for you to dive deeper within yourself and help create and foster relationships in your life. If you enjoyed this, please subscribe! You’ll receive wonderful personal development tools and inspiration right in your inbox! After all, who doesn’t love happy mail?

Let’s connect on Instagram!

Breakthrough Questions

hello gorgeous

Hey there again! I hope you’re ready for some awesome new tips because I am so excited to share some with you. A great friend shares how she gets through life after all, and I wouldn’t leave ya hangin! This week was all about mindset and how it plays a big role in your life.

There is nothing I love more than sharing how to get and keep your mind right. It’s my specialty and I owe it all to years of practice. I love finding ways to make life easier. In fact, I get so excited about it that I am compelled to share my hacks with the world, namely YOU. Because we’re all in this together. If I can provide you with the information and the tools to do life, then maybe (just maybe) that you could help you. In turn, you could help someone else and then this beautiful ripple effect takes place and bam! We change the world, right? So you can have more time to stop and appreciate what’s in front of you.

flower truck selfie

Alright, this post is going to require your active participation. I need you to walk the walk because that’s when the magic happens, I promise. I’m gonna ask you a few questions and you’re going to write down your answers. There is absolutely no obligation to share your answers with me or anyone, although it is always welcome in our community. Ready? Got your pen and your journal? Here we go.

journal prompts to self-discovery

Q: What’s a small change you can make today to make tomorrow easier? Is it difficult or easy to come up with something?

Q: How do you behave when you’re stressed? Do your actions have lasting consequences?

Q: Do you have stress-management strategies in place? Why or why not?

Q: How do you celebrate your wins? What does this do for your mindset?

Q: Would you describe yourself as stubborn or go with the flow? Describe.

Q: Are you able to compromise easily (you give when needed or take as needed)? Give an example of each.

Q: What do you believe is the number one thing holding you back from getting more out of life and making your dreams come true? Are you responsible or are there extenuating circumstances?

Q:How often do you ask for help/guidance and dismiss the advice? Is it easy or difficult to do so?

Q: What do you do to take care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually? How often?

Q: How confident are you in your ability to reach your goals? Would it be easier if you had help?

Now that you’ve answered these questions, I want you spend some time on the things you feel you need work on. This is where you start. Build on what is going right for you and come up with a game plan. It is possible to do the work alone, but I want you to know that you don’t have to. My passion is helping you get you where you want to be, so you can get more out of life, and start crushing goals!

you got this, babe!

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I hope you have an amazing rest of your week!

xoxo, alicia

Make Monday Count

For most of us, the week begins on Monday, and sometimes it has us dragging our feet. But, what if you were able to re-frame how you view Mondays? Sure, waking up early has us begging for 10 more minutes (hello snooze button!), and I know what that feels like. Though, what I wish for isn’t necessarily just 10 more minutes. Instead, I wish for more energy. Well, I used to anyway until I found a system that allows me to wake up refreshed. Yeah, I’m one of those people who, for the most part, wakes up well-rested. Stay with me though because I’m going to share how you too can have more energy.

Let me just say that this is a practice. It’s a hard thing to accept that this practice won’t work overnight, but rather over many nights. It’ll take a little bit of time and work. The good news is that you can start today!

Here is my practice for gaining more energy, becoming more productive, and inviting joy, even on a Monday.

  1. Your mindset is the number one key. It will unlock a world of difference on how you approach your work, obligations, and mundane, but necessary, tasks. And your day is determined as soon as you wake up. You are one of two kinds of people when your alarm goes off: the one lying in bed wishing for more time, which is really just wishing to feel rested, or the one who actually feels mostly rested and gets up. You either complain and put off the inevitable of having to get up for the day or you can determine how your day will go by accepting what is. And this sets the tone. Once you realize this, you have more control and you become empowered.
Warrior Monday
Bonus tip, reach for mugs that inspire you

2. Stick to healthy habits. I like to meditate and journal. I think it’s the perfect combination. Meditation serves as a way to sort through your thoughts. It’s not about emptying your mind, but rather opening your mind. For many people, the one thing that keeps them up at night or from going to bed at a reasonable hour is that they can’t turn their brain off. They’ve got “too many tabs open.” Meditation eliminates that issue. 5-10 minutes every day to meditate in exchange for a better night’s sleep? Easiest decision EVER.

Journal and meditation station

3. Schedule fun into your calendar, no matter how small. It will give you something to look forward to. You know what’s a simple way to add more fun into your life and break away from routine? I’ll give you an example. Whenever I go to Starbucks I try something new. I always joke about how even if I’m a regular customer somewhere, my order is always unpredictable. The other day I grabbed coffee at a cafe and as I was ordering, a man walked in. Even in his mask, the barista still knew who the man was and proceeded to make his coffee. I smiled and thought, how wonderful that must be. Sometimes I wish that could be me, but I prefer changing it up. In a way, that’s my signature. Apply this to anywhere in your life where you can shake up your routine without throwing you off your game.

mid-week trip to cafe du monde

4. Keep your stress levels in check. It’s normal to have stress and to go through phases where you are more stressed than other times. Like, if you have a big project at work and the deadline is approaching or if you’re going through a breakup. Heck, even hormones can affect stress. The point is to have strategies set in place. Allot for more time to get your project done and account for potential mishaps. Seek counseling or talk to a friend or your coach. Eat anti-inflammatory foods and schedule a massage. These are all wonderful stress-relievers. Let. It. Out. And know that it’s okay and normal to ask for help.

stress-relief application

5. Trust the process. Sometimes it feels like we’re doing all the right things but nothing is happening. This is where you’ve got to really have trust. If you’re struggling during the week, take a breather, and come back to that Monday mindset you woke up with. Yes, even if it’s still Monday. The small steps you’re taking now will pay off. Give it time.

trust the process

6. Finish strong! You’ve worked so hard, it’s time to tap into playfulness. I know it might be the last thing you want to do. After all, couches are comfortable and Netflix is well….Netflix. Try to balance out all your hard work. The beautiful thing is we all recharge differently. I have clients who enjoy time alone and feel energized by that, and I have clients who like to get together with girlfriends for brunch and laugh it out. The same goes for you. Find what fills your cup. Make it fun, beyond just ordering a new drink at the coffee shop.

make time for play

7. And finally, my biggest piece of advice is to plan out your week on Sunday. That way, you can feel more at ease about what you’re getting into. That preview gives your brain a chance to think about things before they happen. It gives you an edge and makes you more prepared. Maybe you’ll know you won’t have a lot of time this week, so you would benefit from meal-prepping. Or, perhaps you have time in your schedule to meet a friend for lunch.

Remember, you are in control of your own experience. I realize that we can’t prepare for everything, but you can give your best guess and plan accordingly. You can choose to wake up grumpy and groggy or thankful for another day. You decide.

Thanks for reading! You can always check out my Instagram, @magicmama_, for instant inspiration or check back here for the latest. Be sure to hit that subscribe button too, so you can get all my amazing content right in your inbox. As always, leave a comment on what you found helpful 🙂

Take care!

a complete guide to what you need to have the best week ever. make your monday count