Inspiring Women Project with Sirah Mora

This post is part of an ongoing series called the Inspiring Women Project. It is a collective of women who have dedicated time and energy into building women up through resources such as products, services, or information. While some of the women featured in this series also work with men, some do not, and the core focus of their work with women is what is shared here.

This week’s guest is a breath of fresh air. After reading through this beautiful soul’s words you will feel like you have just taken the biggest exhale. I know I did! And on the off chance you don’t feel that way, you’ll absolutely feel something, perhaps even inspired. Which is why I knew I had to share this incredible artist with you all. So, I introduce you to Sirah Mora of Sacred Hive Creative.

Tell us about yourself. Where are you located, what brought you to the work you’re doing today, and how long have you been in your field?

My name is Sirah and I’m the artist and designer behind SacredHive Creative, a creative studio specializing in branding, web design, and illustration. Though my services are in the realm of creativity – I like to see it that I’m somewhat of a midwife for the incredible people I get to work and collaborate with to bring their vision and gifts to the world! I’ve been an artist my entire life but I’ve been a “professional creative” for about 3 years now. I’m located in beautiful California most of the time but I like to travel lightly as they say and land in new places. 

What is your area of expertise, the main focus of your work? What led you here?

I specialize in branding, web design, and illustration where I serve mostly those who identify as entrepreneurs, healers, teachers, artists, and visionaries. I also share my art and writing. My path here was curvy, as most are. My early career started out in the corporate setting working in marketing at a very renowned consulting firm but that was the experience that got me questioning my life to lead me to take the leap of faith to quit my job, start my own business, and get into the work I do now. I didn’t have a traditional education in design or art, but I continued to follow the creative streak I had since I was a child and was getting projects from word of mouth that kept coming. It was a lot of experimenting, trust, and letting myself be a beginner, but I think when we are doing the work we are meant to in the world and with a pure heart, the opportunities show up for you and of course you will continue to evolve and grow into new things.

What is your “why”?

In my work, my “why” is to inspire and help others live their dreams by helping them be seen. In my life, my “why” is to leave a piece of my spirit everywhere I go. To give myself to whatever is in front of me with my full heart. 

Tell us why your work is important. 

If we’re being honest, I make crafts for a living haha! My work isn’t important, but the way I do it is. So if I had to answer why it’s important, it’s because my work is my prayer and my devotion. It’s how I say ‘thank you’ to life and stay connected to my humanity and your humanity. It’s all from the heart! Of course, helping others thrive in their businesses by capturing their essence into a visual brand is a special cherry on top and making people feel something through my art is like my way of offering healing. 

How does your work inspire women?

My work very much has a strong women-centric identity and I think it offers women a different way to look at themselves and womanhood in general. There’s a deep reverence I hold in being a woman and I think that honor and respect for that experience and gift transmits in my art. We are divine, we’re able to birth human life as a direct portal between the seen and unseen realms, we’re magic, we heal the world with our love, we support each other, we’re just so beautiful –

so I hope it inspires women to see themselves in that way and to feel the gift it is to be a woman in this world; especially when we’re bombarded every day with messaging that we aren’t enough or valuable as we are.

Sirah Mora

Anything else you’d like to add that you feel needs to be shared?

Relax your shoulders. Slow your breath. Put your hand over your heart. You deserve to be here. We’re experiencing this world together and it’s a wild ride being human, we share the same pains and experience the same emotions, but we’re in it with each other. You are with your family in this world. big hugs and big love . 

How can people connect with you online? How can people hire/work with you?

You can submit a project and view my work at or follow me on Instagram at @sacredhivecreative

You’ll definitely want to give Sirah a follow and check out her artistic offerings. Next, Sirah dives deeper in what it means to her to be a creative and the impact she makes.

How does creating your art make you feel? Has anyone shared how it makes them feel?

I love this question! Creating my art makes me feel completely in flow and at ease. I don’t think about anything else! I tend to create from a place of inspiration and emotions that fall more on the spectrum of these higher vibrational feelings like joy, hope, etc. Art is how I communicate and speak so usually my art is a response or a conversation to my own processing, feelings, or thoughts of the world. 

The messages I’ve received about how my art has made someone feel blows me away every time and deeply touches me. People have told me how my art has moved them to tears or inspired them to think differently about the world or given them a sense of hope. One woman told me how she was going through a divorce and she was living on her own for the first time and she decided to start an art wall filled with art that reminded her of her strength. She included one of my pieces on there and said whenever she looks at it it empowers her to keep going and that just had me in awe. It’s beautiful because the human spirit and the power of our heart is so strong that the energy and heart we make something with can literally be emitted in an image or in written words. And we can feel it from each other. I love how God can use us in that way and so when I hear this it just reminds me of how we’re all just these transmitters for each other. We’re all giving each other a token of love in some way to make this human experience more bearable. 

Your art has a spiritual element to it, how does that translate into your life? 

The spiritual element of my art is definitely something that comes from my own spiritual inner world. In my reality, we’re all spirits in form, so I like to invite others into that reality through my work. I work very intuitively so sometimes I will hear or sense to do something specific to a piece that somehow makes it take on this richer meaning. I see my art as a message and so staying a clear channel and giving room for those signals to come through is my work. 

What gave you the confidence to share your work with the world?

When I first started out, my illustration was so bad haha. But I started out of pure curiosity and experimentation and was drawing portraits of friends. The first day I started I decided to share them on social media and ask anyone if they wanted a portrait just so I could practice. One thing led to the next, and then I got better and then people wanted to pay me for my work. It all just kind of unfolded from there. To be honest, my confidence can wax and wane in sharing my work still because it’s so easy to get caught up in your head, but I’m learning that it’s not even about me and it’s about sharing from a place of wanting to connect and offer vs wanting to be approved of. 

How do you move through creative blockages?

This is a work in progress haha! Art is kind of like life in the sense that you just have to show up and not every day is going to produce something amazing and you’re not going to have this perfect flow of inspiration every time, but every day we show up is a day we get to lean in a little bit more and discover and play and be curious. So my way of working through creative blockages is just to keep showing up until something moves. It’s letting myself make stuff Im not in love with because what’s most important is that it’s honest. Art has the ability to heal so usually when I’m blocked creatively, it’s because I myself haven’t let myself feel that emotion or experience it viscerally so I let myself come back to it over and over until I can really let it in and through me. 

I am feeling so inspired to keep creating and moving forward. Did you also experience that shift? I hope you’ll continue to follow where your heart yearns to go. If you liked this post, then be sure to browse the stories of all of the women featured on the website. Don’t forget to check out Instagram too. You can find me there by searching @magicmama_ . I also have all the wonderfully talented and inspiring women in my highlights tab.

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