Inspiring Women Project with Stevi Ellis

This post is part of an ongoing series called the Inspiring Women Project. It is a collective of women who have dedicated time and energy into building women up through resources such as products, services, or information. While some of the women featured in this series also work with men, some do not, and the core focus of their work with women is what is shared here.

Y’all…I am literally on the edge of my seat because I am so excited to introduce you to the beauty behind Brow Almighty. She is insanely talented #madskills and I am quite obsessed with her artwork, and I’m not even a client (yet). Seriously, this babe makes dreams come true. And her work speaks for itself, so really what are we waiting for because you’re going to love her! Owner and artist of Brow Almighty, Stevi Ellis.

Tell us about yourself. Where are you located, what brought you to the work you’re doing today, and how long have you been in your field?
Hi! I’m Stevi Ellis, the artist and owner of Brow Almighty- a microblading and permanent cosmetics studio in Ventnor City, New Jersey. I mentor growing artists and provide women (and men) with an experience and service that helps to build self confidence and gain wholeness through tattoo.

I’ve been in the industry for over a decade and a business owner for three years in August- Happy 3rd birthday Brow Almighty!

Stevi Ellis, owner of Brow Almighty

What is your area of expertise, the main focus of your work?
There are lots of facets to permanent cosmetics and tattooing, but I specialize in eyebrows and mentoring other artists.

Honestly, brows are just so personal and make the biggest difference. It sounds silly, but a lot of my appointments get emotional (lol). Missing brows means missing a feature on your face that literally only exists to express your feelings to others- they’re more than just brows, they’re a means to communicate what you’re feeling.

Before I did permanent cosmetics, I was a makeup artist. I really enjoyed my work, but long term it became difficult to maintain work/life balance and a healthy mindset around what I “should” look like. It was taxing to go to work everyday and hear women talk about what they didn’t like about themselves, and in return I’d have to sell them products to “fix” that and hope they’d come back to buy more.

Making the transition to permanent cosmetics was something I did for myself just as much as it is to serve other women. I can create a safe space and set the tone of how we speak about ourselves and support more positive language. I can use my skill and creativity to help women feel good, and I mean really good, about themselves. I can use my gifts and talents to give back something they may have lost during a fight with cancer, a struggle with alopecia, or a busy mom who just does not have the time.

What is your “why”?
Why? Because it’s a happiness high to lift people up, to remind them how beautiful and worthy they are, and to see their minds change when they start to believe it. This is my why for why I do what I do for my clients, and the same why for why I decided to start mentoring and sharing my knowledge and drive with other artists.

Being a military spouse, I feel it’s easy to sacrifice your career goals for your partner’s or feel your potential is stifled, because of the lifestyle. I can see how having children and becoming a mom may bring the same feeling of  limitations. 

For me my why gives me the freedom from these limiting beliefs. 

It’s important my why is not location or service specific- I can go anywhere, I can sell anything, or do anything and stay true to my why! I focus on my why when I feel self-doubting, when I feel like quitting, or when I feel like an imposter. When business success ebs and flows, turn to your why sister!

How does your work inspire women?
It’s flattering to be seen as inspirational, but more than that I want to be relatable. I want people to see a bit of themselves in me and feel like “If she can do it, I can too!” because that’s so true!

I want to show up imperfectly, unorganized, but wholeheartedly and do the damn thing. I want to show other women that they can sit at the table just as they are and be successes too- key words are as they are.

You don’t have to learn more, or lose weight, or have more followers to start- just start! Show up as you are and you’d be amazed at how your authenticity is catalytic to your success.

Stevi Ellis


Can you tell us how microblading goes beyond changing physical appearance?
Microblading and permanent cosmetics goes beyond physical appearance by giving you TIME. What is your time worth? It’s invaluable. Time to sleep in, time to start your morning with coffee or meditation, time to wake up with your kids.
And confidence- hello?! Defined and flattering eyebrows are like the little black dress of the face.

What other tattooing skills are you working on? Future offerings?
I’m currently working on refining and developing my skills for areola restorative tattooing. This technique creates realistic, 3 dimensional areola tattoos for women who have survived mastectomies from breast cancer or as a preventative action from breast cancer. This is hugely needed for these survivors to complete their journey to wholeness. Right now there is currently The Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 that provides protections to patients who choose to have breast reconstruction in connection with a mastectomy, but realistic areola tattoos are not recognized as a step of reconstruction unless completed by a nurse- not a tattoo artist.

These survivors deserve better, they deserve a skilled artist and a realistic rendition of their anatomy. I’m excited to serve women in a whole new way, and I’m dedicated to the time it takes to master this craft!

What does it mean to you to own your own business? What has that journey been like?
Owning my own business is freedom, baby! My husband makes this joke that I never liked any of my bosses, so I should have known I can only work for myself- and he’s so right!

You know that age when kids ask a question and follow that answer with “why?” to everything? That was me as an employee, just questioning everything. It wasn’t ever good enough for me to just be told what to do, I wanted to know why. When I would go through the seasons of being miserable working for someone else, I would ask myself why? Why can’t I do this myself, why can’t I start a business? I started to think backwards. Why not? What’s the worst that would happen? Could I survive the worst case scenario? Realistically answer that. The answer is yes you will survive, and that’s enough to freaking go for it! Trying won’t break you, but staying in your misery might.

How can people connect with you online? How can people hire/work with you?
You can find me on instagram at @browalmighty or online at

Reach out to me and connect, I love this space for sisterhood and I’m so honored to share my experience with you! If you’re here and you love Alicia like I do, consider us friends too.


Wow y’all! I am itching to book my appointment, aren’t you? I hope you’ll definitely follow Stevi on Instagram and stalk her work. And, when you’re ready for her to work her magic on your brows, I know you’ll reach out. Plus, now you can say you know of a great artist if any of your friends are looking! It’s not the craziest thing to book a flight and make a vacation out of the whole things either. So, if you loved getting to know Stevi, I have more amazing women to introduce you to, so go ahead and do yourself a favor and subscribe here if you’re not already. You can also follow me on Instagram to stay updated and receive daily inspo and info.

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