Ultimate Guide to the Divine Feminine

the divine feminine

Hello to all my readers out there, this one goes out to all the ladies! If you’ve been following along on Instagram, then you already know what we’re going to get into in this post. Just *in case* you missed it, I dedicated an entire week to helping other women tap into and re-connect to their divine feminine. We practiced all kinds of ways of bringing out sensuality and, most importantly, normalizing talking about it!

*Trigger Warning, we will be discussing sexuality, so before we dive in, I wanted to give you a heads up in case you’re experiencing trauma surrounding this subject. This can be a hard enough topic to discuss, so please proceed at your own pace.

I launched a 7 day pop-up challenge on Instagram with varying practices for each day. I have been really wanting to showcase this subject. I decided to be subtle about it because I didn’t want to scare anyone away from participating. We started slow where I offered up different mantras to choose from. Then, I explained that it would be the theme for the week. By not making a huge announcement, I had hoped it would come across as a normal conversation, because it should be! As womxn, we should be comfortable talking about this, but not surprisingly, it’s actually quite hard for a lot of us to do, much less be open about it on social media.

I wanted to break this underlying belief that women’s bodies and the ideas surrounding these bodies aren’t ours. They are. I wanted us to feel empowered. There are many reasons why we as womxn struggle to feel comfortable in our bodies. For some, it was early onset of puberty and being bullied as a result. Some men have also made us feel unsafe by catcalling, giving unwanted attention, and, unfortunately, assault. We’re deemed prude for saying no, and we’re labeled slutty if we say yes. We’re torn down if we show skin, and if we have the audacity to dance and post it on social media we are publicly shamed.

Enough is ENOUGH. Are you tired of this? Because I sure as hell am. I’m done being told how to feel about my body, my curves. I’m over it. It’s CANCELED! Ladies, we are not here to be ridiculed and we absolutely do not have to put up with it. And I hope you don’t. Furthermore, we are not here for the pleasure of men. Our existence does not revolve around serving other people nor ensuring that we uphold their expectations before our own wants and needs.

embrace your unique beauty

Alright, so we’re going to freshen up on what we covered this week. I want every womxn to feel empowered. I want you to express yourself, and speak up for yourself. This guide is yours to take with you on your journey, to revisit time and time again, and to share with someone you feel could use it. I suggest following this guide and the strategies provided every day for a week to help you reconnect to your divine feminine energy. And of course, you are welcome to utilize these tools whenever you need to!

The 7-Day Challenge

Day 1: Choose your mantra. It can be one of the ones provided below, or it can be any mantra that makes you feel strong. Carry these words with you, let their power seep into you and fill you with confidence and courage.

Day 2: Craft your nightly ritual. The moon expresses feminine energy. Tap into her power by creating your ideal night routine. This is your time to treat yourself. Bubble baths with rose petals, silky pajamas (maybe something sexy!), a proper skincare routine, whatever it is that allows you to drop into a more sensual mindset. I also recommend gazing at the moon, even for just a few minutes. Aim to practice your ritual consistently!

nightly rituals

Day 3: Unlock your hips, open your root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras and release stale energy. I created a delicious sensual dance flow for you over on IGTV. It’s a confidence booster and a game changer! Check it out below.

Day 4: Push through fear. I asked my followers to post a daring photo (if they felt comfortable to do so). I knew it wasn’t an easy ask. It’s incredibly vulnerable and frightening. In fact, one of the comments I received was, “Omg, so scary to even think about doing this. I’m worried what people might think or say.” And she wasn’t the only one who expressed this. My suggestion would be to take the photo, even if you’re not going to post it. Going through that action will activate your divine feminine.

embrce your beauty

Our society has placed a tremendous amount of pressure on women, and instead of embracing our boldness to reclaim our power by declaring our imperfections divine, society continues to feed us unrealistic beauty standards that are perpetuated by celebrities that many of us idolize. This coupled with outdated behavior expectations is all too much. It’s maddening.

Alicia Henson, @magicmama_

Day 5: Post a photo of yourself that you love. I also asked my followers to include an image of them wearing lipstick if they were ever bullied about their appearance. The goal here was to express resiliency. No matter what someone has said to try to strip you of your power, you rise up and stand tall. The very act of connecting with an image and attaching a positive emotion despite a negative memory to it is the definition of an empowered person.

feel good friday challenge participant

Days 6 & 7: Reflect & Rest. These exercises can bring up trauma and fear. Take some time to work through whatever came up. Journaling, movement, and meditation are all wonderful tools. Do you show up differently now after having gone through it? Note your observations using the journal prompts below. This work can also feel draining, especially if you stepped way out of comfort zone, so take care of you. Take a social media break, go out and have fun, recharge.

  • what am I feeling right now?
  • when did I experience moments of resistance?
  • what did this work teach me?
  • in what capacity do I feel a change?
  • what was my favorite moment?
  • how will I keep the momentum?

empowering photo

There is a community of womxn waiting to meet you! Messages like this are what makes it all worth it. I love empowering you to feel and be your best.

pinterest pin

As always, I’d love for you join the community by subscribing and following. I have a new and exciting series launching on the blog soon! And believe me, you won’t want to miss it! Join in on Instagram, too! Until next time, have a beautiful day ❤


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