How to Instantly Improve Your Relationships

Instantly improve your relationships in one step!

Humans crave connection. We may each express ourselves differently as introverts or extroverts, but we all desire meaningful relationships. This includes all kinds of interactions as well: romantic, platonic, casual, etc.

I’m going to share with you the number one reason why we struggle in our relationships and how to remedy it immediately and instantly. For some, it will be easier said than done and they’ll put off doing the hard work. For others, you’ll want to get started right away, so you can create the healthy connections you deeply crave.

The root to this problem resides within you. In each of us. Some call it stubbornness or strong-willed. I call it ego. And it’s not always showcased in obvious ways. Ego shows up in other ways and prevents us from having the relationships we want. It’s found in defensiveness, interrupting others, and deception.

Maybe you’re thinking none of these apply to you, that would be ego as well.

If you’ve ever lied to get out of going to a party, or responded rashly to a comment on Facebook, then you are responsible for the limitations in your friendships. I know that can be hard to read, but I need you to know that I’m telling you this from a place of love, and because I want more for you. I want you to know that I am nowhere near perfect, but it was this self-discovery and journey to being better that I feel compelled to help you shine light on your shadows.

So, what do you do?

Well, it’s simple, but does require that you put in the hard work.

Check your ego.

Only you know the extent of your ego leading you. You and I can do the work together too, there’s nothing wrong with asking for guidance. Not quite ready to take on a 1:1? Here are some things you can do today to get you started.

-Think before you respond.

-Check in to see if you have internal struggles that could project on to a stranger or loved one.

-Take a break to re-evaluate certain relationships and whether a boundary could be beneficial.

-When offering help or giving, do it because you want to, not because you expect something in return. Even if you’re simply dropping off cookies to a neighbor, don’t expect for your container to be returned. Sure, it would be nice, but be okay with letting it go. That way, when/if it is returned, you’ll be happily surprised. People matter more than objects.

-And finally, say thank you. For big things and small things. Say thank you for all things.

I hope this post planted the seed for you to dive deeper within yourself and help create and foster relationships in your life. If you enjoyed this, please subscribe! You’ll receive wonderful personal development tools and inspiration right in your inbox! After all, who doesn’t love happy mail?

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