Breakthrough Questions

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Hey there again! I hope you’re ready for some awesome new tips because I am so excited to share some with you. A great friend shares how she gets through life after all, and I wouldn’t leave ya hangin! This week was all about mindset and how it plays a big role in your life.

There is nothing I love more than sharing how to get and keep your mind right. It’s my specialty and I owe it all to years of practice. I love finding ways to make life easier. In fact, I get so excited about it that I am compelled to share my hacks with the world, namely YOU. Because we’re all in this together. If I can provide you with the information and the tools to do life, then maybe (just maybe) that you could help you. In turn, you could help someone else and then this beautiful ripple effect takes place and bam! We change the world, right? So you can have more time to stop and appreciate what’s in front of you.

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Alright, this post is going to require your active participation. I need you to walk the walk because that’s when the magic happens, I promise. I’m gonna ask you a few questions and you’re going to write down your answers. There is absolutely no obligation to share your answers with me or anyone, although it is always welcome in our community. Ready? Got your pen and your journal? Here we go.

journal prompts to self-discovery

Q: What’s a small change you can make today to make tomorrow easier? Is it difficult or easy to come up with something?

Q: How do you behave when you’re stressed? Do your actions have lasting consequences?

Q: Do you have stress-management strategies in place? Why or why not?

Q: How do you celebrate your wins? What does this do for your mindset?

Q: Would you describe yourself as stubborn or go with the flow? Describe.

Q: Are you able to compromise easily (you give when needed or take as needed)? Give an example of each.

Q: What do you believe is the number one thing holding you back from getting more out of life and making your dreams come true? Are you responsible or are there extenuating circumstances?

Q:How often do you ask for help/guidance and dismiss the advice? Is it easy or difficult to do so?

Q: What do you do to take care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually? How often?

Q: How confident are you in your ability to reach your goals? Would it be easier if you had help?

Now that you’ve answered these questions, I want you spend some time on the things you feel you need work on. This is where you start. Build on what is going right for you and come up with a game plan. It is possible to do the work alone, but I want you to know that you don’t have to. My passion is helping you get you where you want to be, so you can get more out of life, and start crushing goals!

you got this, babe!

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I hope you have an amazing rest of your week!

xoxo, alicia

2 thoughts on “Breakthrough Questions

  1. Alicia has made these recommendations to me in the past and I have tried to adhere to her suggestions wholly. I have embraced all of her self care/self love tips and my stress level has done a complete 180. She helped and advised me as I put together a “3 month plan” which has been the foundation for my current well being. I encourage anyone reading this to make the changes necessary to discover what may be holding you back from reaching your full potential. I couldn’t have come this far without Alicia’s guidance and support.


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