Make Monday Count

For most of us, the week begins on Monday, and sometimes it has us dragging our feet. But, what if you were able to re-frame how you view Mondays? Sure, waking up early has us begging for 10 more minutes (hello snooze button!), and I know what that feels like. Though, what I wish for isn’t necessarily just 10 more minutes. Instead, I wish for more energy. Well, I used to anyway until I found a system that allows me to wake up refreshed. Yeah, I’m one of those people who, for the most part, wakes up well-rested. Stay with me though because I’m going to share how you too can have more energy.

Let me just say that this is a practice. It’s a hard thing to accept that this practice won’t work overnight, but rather over many nights. It’ll take a little bit of time and work. The good news is that you can start today!

Here is my practice for gaining more energy, becoming more productive, and inviting joy, even on a Monday.

  1. Your mindset is the number one key. It will unlock a world of difference on how you approach your work, obligations, and mundane, but necessary, tasks. And your day is determined as soon as you wake up. You are one of two kinds of people when your alarm goes off: the one lying in bed wishing for more time, which is really just wishing to feel rested, or the one who actually feels mostly rested and gets up. You either complain and put off the inevitable of having to get up for the day or you can determine how your day will go by accepting what is. And this sets the tone. Once you realize this, you have more control and you become empowered.
Warrior Monday
Bonus tip, reach for mugs that inspire you

2. Stick to healthy habits. I like to meditate and journal. I think it’s the perfect combination. Meditation serves as a way to sort through your thoughts. It’s not about emptying your mind, but rather opening your mind. For many people, the one thing that keeps them up at night or from going to bed at a reasonable hour is that they can’t turn their brain off. They’ve got “too many tabs open.” Meditation eliminates that issue. 5-10 minutes every day to meditate in exchange for a better night’s sleep? Easiest decision EVER.

Journal and meditation station

3. Schedule fun into your calendar, no matter how small. It will give you something to look forward to. You know what’s a simple way to add more fun into your life and break away from routine? I’ll give you an example. Whenever I go to Starbucks I try something new. I always joke about how even if I’m a regular customer somewhere, my order is always unpredictable. The other day I grabbed coffee at a cafe and as I was ordering, a man walked in. Even in his mask, the barista still knew who the man was and proceeded to make his coffee. I smiled and thought, how wonderful that must be. Sometimes I wish that could be me, but I prefer changing it up. In a way, that’s my signature. Apply this to anywhere in your life where you can shake up your routine without throwing you off your game.

mid-week trip to cafe du monde

4. Keep your stress levels in check. It’s normal to have stress and to go through phases where you are more stressed than other times. Like, if you have a big project at work and the deadline is approaching or if you’re going through a breakup. Heck, even hormones can affect stress. The point is to have strategies set in place. Allot for more time to get your project done and account for potential mishaps. Seek counseling or talk to a friend or your coach. Eat anti-inflammatory foods and schedule a massage. These are all wonderful stress-relievers. Let. It. Out. And know that it’s okay and normal to ask for help.

stress-relief application

5. Trust the process. Sometimes it feels like we’re doing all the right things but nothing is happening. This is where you’ve got to really have trust. If you’re struggling during the week, take a breather, and come back to that Monday mindset you woke up with. Yes, even if it’s still Monday. The small steps you’re taking now will pay off. Give it time.

trust the process

6. Finish strong! You’ve worked so hard, it’s time to tap into playfulness. I know it might be the last thing you want to do. After all, couches are comfortable and Netflix is well….Netflix. Try to balance out all your hard work. The beautiful thing is we all recharge differently. I have clients who enjoy time alone and feel energized by that, and I have clients who like to get together with girlfriends for brunch and laugh it out. The same goes for you. Find what fills your cup. Make it fun, beyond just ordering a new drink at the coffee shop.

make time for play

7. And finally, my biggest piece of advice is to plan out your week on Sunday. That way, you can feel more at ease about what you’re getting into. That preview gives your brain a chance to think about things before they happen. It gives you an edge and makes you more prepared. Maybe you’ll know you won’t have a lot of time this week, so you would benefit from meal-prepping. Or, perhaps you have time in your schedule to meet a friend for lunch.

Remember, you are in control of your own experience. I realize that we can’t prepare for everything, but you can give your best guess and plan accordingly. You can choose to wake up grumpy and groggy or thankful for another day. You decide.

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Take care!

a complete guide to what you need to have the best week ever. make your monday count

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