Are You a Suzy Homemaker?

You might be!

“Suzy Homemaker”

This is something I’ve been told on numerous occasions. Whether its because I cook and bake meals and sweets from scratch, sewing my husband’s clothes or creating dresses for my daughter, I’ve been told I’m a “Suzy Homemaker.” What exactly does that mean? At first, I just laughed because when I hear that term I envision a wife from the 50’s wearing an apron holding a whole roasted chicken as her husband walks in the door. Then I think, that’s definitely not me. But, what does the leading online authority for hip terms and slang have to say? Let’s research.

Turns out, Urban Dictionary has an awesome definition of the role of a homemaker, “A Person, usually a woman, who cares for her own home and family by cleaning, cooking nutritious meals, doing laundryrunning errands, caring for pets, working with a budget, organizing, etc. She is her own boss and enjoys the freedom of creating her own schedule. She does not have time to be lazy. She realizes the value of her unpaid job as a homemaker because it brings stability to the family and less stress for all.”

In which case, I would have to agree. I take pride in my role in my family. In a previous season of life, I went to school and held down a job, while also taking care of my home. When I became a mom is when I entered my current season. And let me tell you, it is so incredibly satisfying!


I put a lot of effort and love into making my home joyful. Guests coming into town? Let me whip up a sweet treat. Staying a while? I’ll plan some of your favorite meals and surprise you with little goodies so you’re extra comfortable. Easter is a month away and now we’re in quarantine? Don’t worry, I picked up some fun things to do two weeks when I was at the store.

So for all of my friends out there who enjoy putting their heart in their home, you are doing so much for yourself and your family. It takes a lot of effort, but I know you know its worth it. Cheers to the all the ways you show your love.



Take pride in where you are in your life. Make the most out of it. It is the biggest blessing to be able to stay home to raise our daughter and build a happy home for my family. I am thankful everyday.


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