Trunk or Treat in a Flash!



I love this time of year! I love all things pumpkin and apple spice. I love the cozy sweaters and cuddling up to my loved ones inside as we watch movies and eat freshly baked cookies. And I love the holidays!

Halloween is so much fun!

I think it serves to remind us to have fun and try new things! Costumes, matching makeup, spooky things and gathering together in your community, like Trunk or Treating! This version of Trick or Treating has been gaining in popularity over the years, and for good reason. It’s convenient and it means less toting around impatient toddlers. Plus, it’s safe!


So, when I heard a local organization in my community needed volunteers for their Trunk or Treat event, I knew it was time to step up. The only dilemma was I had just 48 hours to come up with a trunk display that would wow. I had never participated in a Trunk or Treat before because my daughter is only 2.

I was excited! I like a challenge. But, how in the heck do I decorate my trunk for Halloween? I’ve styled bedrooms and living rooms and even bathrooms, but a trunk?? Plus, I had a bit of a time crunch. I did some brainstorming and slowly the ideas started to trickle into mind.


What takes up a lot of space but isn’t bulky or time-consuming? I thought. Poster boards! As I was jotting down ideas, I thought up a cute Halloween rhyme. I knew I needed to write on black poster boards to help keep things dark and with the Halloween vibe.

Then, I took inventory of my crafting supplies and I knew instantly that I had to use my Chalkola Chalk Pens! They would look great with the black poster boards! They are the best chalk pens I have used. The paint goes on smooth and distributes the color evenly. Plus, they don’t leak and leave globs of paint on your project. I have used a different chalk pen brand in the past and always had some kind of issue; every project I hoped for the best, and sometimes I had to start over. With Chalkola, I could complete my project without worry of whether it would turn out–they’re great and truly the best!!


I already had real pumpkins and some decorations from our home display to borrow. I just needed a few more things to fill out the trunk and really make it special.

I made a list of additional items I needed from the Dollar Tree and went on my way. I grabbed creepy cloth, large googly eyes, faux leaves, and Halloween garland. Just the right amount of spooky and playful.


It was SO easy! This could fit in any vehicle’s trunk. The poster boards make a fun focal point, add color, and take up little room because they aren’t bulky.


Happy Halloween!

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