What’s On My Bathroom Tray

So, every couple of months I update what’s on my bathroom tray. What’s a bathroom tray? Well, I think of it as prime real estate. In reality, it’s just the place where I have my favorite products on display because I love them so much and use them every single day.

Some products I fall head over heels for, so they’re on the tray indefinitely. Others are things I’m trying out and they’re worth mentioning. I usually switch these products out for financial reasons, but more so it’s because my needs have changed.

Regardless, I share them all with you just in case you’re in the market for something magical! So give this brief post a read to see if something catches your eye.


Bathroom tray refresh! Featuring a few of my favorite skincare and dental hygiene products.
You might recognize my jumbo size Maracuja Oil from @tartecosmetics , it’s the same one I featured on my tray a few months ago. Proof that it truly lasts and is worth every cent. You can click the link here to shop it. It’s truly wonderful!
I’m still tongue scraping, that’s that metal do-hickey in the back of the photo. I swear by this one. Plastic ones are pointless🤷🏻‍♀️ in my opinion. Not only is metal better for the environment, but it also lasts many years. Here is the link to the one I have. Such a great price, and you get two! You won’t regret it!

My @philipssonicare Toothbrush is the 💣 diggity! My dentist noticed a huge difference since I made the switch last year. I researched a bit before deciding, and I am very happy with my decision. I bought it at Costco and it came with two, so my husband also enjoys the amazing benefits of sparkly white teeth. Here is the online link or you can checkout or your local store or another retailer.I highly recommend!

One thing I am rotating quite often is my toothpaste. I honestly buy the least toxic brand that happens to be on sale 😂 And this time, it’s @toms_of_maine Luckily, it’s easy to love. I love a extra minty feel and this gives me that. Other favorites include the Hello brand and Burt’s Bee’s. I’ll link the Toms one here since I’m featuring it. But I recommend any of the brands I just mentioned. I usually just pick it up at Target!
Two other newcomers are my @andalounaturals Rose water foaming face wash and vitamin c luminous eye serum. Where have these been all my life?! I will definitely be tracking these down to purchase again once they’re gone!! Their eye serum is out of this world ridiculously effective! I have used eye creams in the past, but this is the only one that I have noticed an overnight difference with. This eye cream will probably change your life! And the foaming face wash is just as good too. It isn’t harsh like other cleansers. Plus, it dispenses as foam so no need to work up a lather in your hands or face. I find that it makes less of a mess since it doesn’t need water to be activated. It’s the little things, and you can shop it using this link.
And that’s all for now folks! I stand by these products. They really have made a difference for me, so I’m happy to share them with you. Who knows what could be your next great find?

Let me know what you fell in love with!

If you have favorites, please share! What’s on your tray?!

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