How I Transformed My Smile


Recently, I set out on a mission to improve my smile by whitening my teeth. And, maybe this isn’t going to be a sexy post, but dental hygiene is just as important as taking care of your body. I have struggled the most with taking care of my teeth. Luckily, I’ve never needed braces, but I have had my fair share of cavities, fillings, root canals, missing teeth, crowns popping off, and the cherry on top, a tooth replacement implant. Since then, I promised myself I’d take incredible care of my teeth. After I had no cavities to fill or any issues with my teeth other than occasional sensitivity, I began my teeth whitening journey. But, let me tell ya, I was actually nervous to get started. Why? Because of my dental history, and I heard teeth whitening can sometimes be uncomfortable for those with sensitivity issues. The process ended up surprising me by how easy and comfortable it was, thus laying every worry to rest.


I tried a few whitening methods in the past, like whitening strips. I even tried a concoction of baking soda and peroxide, which gave great results, but not long lasting ones. Neither of these could quite deliver in the way I was expecting. They both required much more high maintenance, and came with lifestyle limitations. Plus, it just wasn’t that easy.

So, let’s go ahead and talk about Smile Brilliant’s easy process and effective results! What can you expect after placing your order with Smile Brilliant? An initial order confirmation email, later followed by a notification that your order has shipped (and will arrive soon!) And then, when the kit arrives it’s filled with all the tools you’ll need to successfully improve and whiten your smile.


What’s in the kit?

  • 3 catalyst pastes
  • 3 base pastes
  • teeth mold trays for upper and lower
  • a pink bubble mailer
  • detailed instructions for creating your custom teeth molds
  • syringes with teeth whitening gel
  • syringes with desensitizing gel
  • detailed instructions on how to use the system


The catalyst and base pastes are used to create your custom teeth trays. There are 3 of each in case one of your molds doesn’t work out. The instructions on how to make your molds are very detailed and thorough, which makes it easy to follow! I was nervous about messing up, but by taking the time to read the instructions fully (and more than once), it all worked out!! So, I made my molds (which didn’t take long), let them sit a little while I ran a quick errand, then I came back to retrieve them. I placed them in the pink bubble mailer provided to me, along with a consent card, and then dropped it off at the post office. Then, I went about running my other errands for the day.

I’d say it took about just over a week to get my custom teeth trays. I live in a pretty remote location, so it’s possible you could get them sooner.


My teeth trays arrived accompanied by a protective travel case. Now it’s time to get the teeth whitening party started! I was still a little nervous about my teeth being sensitive, but I was also really excited to begin. My first two sessions were 40 minutes total. I applied the whitening gel for 30 minutes, and then the desensitizing gel for 10 minutes. I wanted to start with shorter intervals to introduce my teeth to the process. Everything went great!


I waited a day before applying my third treatment. This time I went 45 minutes of whitening and then 20 minutes post-desensitizing gel. By this point, I was already experiencing results! I was sooo excited! All teeth are different, so everyone will experience different levels of whitening. The picture below is just after ONE syringe, from which I got about 4 treatments.

At first, when I was reading how long to whiten, I thought it was a significant amount of time, but the trays were so comfortable. I could wear them and carry on conversation, or apply a face mask, tidy up house, or anything else (other than eat). The longest I applied the whitening gel was about an hour and a half.

I did my treatments after I tucked my daughter in bed for the night. This is when I usually take time for me anyway, so this process fit in seamlessly! It didn’t distract or take away from things I already had in place for my routine. It was refreshing because, if you’re a mom like me, adding one more plate to spin can really throw things off. I was even able to practice a gentle yoga flow a few times before bed! The trays are that comfortable!!! So, I’m thrilled with the whole process: how user friendly it is, how well it worked, and how easy it was to incorporate it into my already full schedule.


My husband loved my results so much that he invested in his smile too! This is us whitening our teeth together. Can you tell we’re wearing our trays?

It didn’t take long before I was receiving compliments about my smile and questions about what I was using. Talk about a confidence boost! I was more than happy to refer my friends and family to Smile Brilliant!

If you’re thinking about giving Smile Brilliant a try, do it! I want your journey to be as just as amazing as mine! To make it even more worthwhile, I’m offering up to you my exclusive discount code. Simply enter aliciacharlene15 at checkout to get 15% off your entire order. And you guys, discount codes don’t come around very often. 


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