Things I Love Thursday

Hello and welcome to the first ever #TILT post! This is a weekly series of things I’m currently loving, and I hope you’ll love them too. I encourage you to get in on this movement on Instagram also! Tag @magicmama_ and use #TILTPLZ so I can see what you’ve been up to! Now, here we go in no particular order! ♥


  • Morning Walks it has been a pretty sunny week, and I have taken full advantage by heading out for a walk along the beach. It definitely is still a bit chilly on the Washington coast, but sunny nonetheless. Getting outside works wonders for this gal.


  • Waking up before baby– in all honesty, at first this wasn’t by choice. I suppose I’m a light sleeper going into morning and I would get woken up by any sound. Though now, I’m used to waking up earlier, and I love having that added bonus of alone time. It’s the best!


  • My day planner– it’s unlike any planner I’ve ever used. The basics of a planner are all there, but this one also includes a monthly goal setter and daily rating system with stickers included! I simply fill in the boxes with a coordinating color to rate my day and track my goal progress. Then, I can go back and see my monthly goals at a glance as well as how that affected my day as whole. I love stats and things like that, so it’s great for a nerd like me.


  • Spending time at the beach– my beach days look a little different from when I lived in California, but I’m happy to still have them. I just need to bundle up a bit, or even better, take the truck out for a ride on the sand! Music up, windows down, heater on, hair flipping in the wind. #Yasss



What things have you been loving lately? I’d love to know, let’s connect!



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