2 Simple Keys to Master Your Morning


A few weeks ago, I introduced 7 different routines to slay your night. Now what? Now, I’m offering to you just as equally awesome ways to master your morning. And guess what else? They have nothing to do with coffee! In fact, it has nothing to do with caffeine at all. I know, this is huge. I promise though, you’re going to feel amazing! And you’re going to wonder how you lasted so long without these life-changing tools.

  1. It’s all in the prep. You know that sage wisdom that says, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail”? Well, I’m going to add “do it now and you won’t kick yourself later.” We all know what it’s like to have a busy morning. Do yourself the biggest favor and prep your breakfast the night before. My go-to is overnight oats in a mason jar. My hands-down-all-time-favorite recipe is Pina Colada Overnight Oats. I add all of my ingredients in my mason jar and place in the fridge overnight.
    • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
    • 1/2 cup old fashioned oats
    • 1 tbsp chia seeds (Bob’s Red Mill)
    • 1 scoop of KOS vegan vanilla protein
    • 1 tbsp. unsweetened coconut flakes (Bob’s Red Mill)
    • a few chunks of pineapple
    • and a couple maraschino cherries to top it off
  2. Come morning, I follow a divine routine! This is the absolute key to starting my day. This simple routine that I’m going to share with you is what this post is all about. Because so far I have found that beginning my day this way has made all the difference in my mood and mindset. It truly sets the tone for the day. It’s a total game changer!
    • I tongue scrape from the get go. Now, this is an Ayurveda technique in which scraping the tongue before eating or drinking anything prevents you from swallowing the bacteria that your body has worked on to your tongue throughout the night. I studied the basics of Ayurveda last year, and trust me, it’s perfectly sound logic. Or else, why would you have such bad morning breath?? I know right? Keep reading.
    • Immediately following tongue scraping, I oil pull with coconut oil. This is another Ayurvedic tool that is backed by science. I take a spoonful of organic, unrefined coconut oil in its natural solid form and put it in my mouth. I chew it a little bit at first until it starts to melt. I swish it around for about 5-10 minutes. Then, I spit it into the trash can. Do not spit it into your sink as it can clog your drains over time.
    • I skip brushing my teeth for now and move onto sipping hot water with lime or lemon. It can be half the fruit or the whole fruit. You decide what’s best for you on both. It’s so comforting. It’s easy on the body, and your tolerance for the acidity will build each day. There are so so so many benefits to adding this step in your morning before you’ve had anything else to eat or drink. And, now you can probably guess why I hold off on brushing my teeth because of this step.
    • Finally, I take my warm mug and set it next to my meditation cushion. I sit down and dive into my Nadi Shodhana Pranayama for 5-10 minutes. Naughty hunna what now? Stay with me lol. This is my secret weapon. This is an alternate nostril breathing exercise. It sounds tricky, but it’s actually extremely simple and extraordinarily potent. If you’re skeptical, then you should know that this particular breathing exercise (pranayama) is scientifically proven to calm down the mind and body in a matter of minutes AND have a lasting effect. I especially love it for anxiety. Plus, it’s free. It doesn’t require a prescription. You can do it anywhere. It’s mind-blowing. You’re welcome.

And that’s it friends! This is how I have been spending my mornings, and I truly notice a difference when I don’t.


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