Let Go + Lean In


Happy New Year!

Lets just dive right in to what this post is all about, my intentions for the New Year! As I try to predict of what this year will comprise, a few words come to mind—flow, rise, thrive, and nourish. I’m hopeful for these words anyway. Things always pop up because that’s just how life goes, BUT, I did set out some very specific goals to help me get to where I want to go.

I’ve set these goals to be achieved in a year, so I don’t feel overwhelmed or pressured by time. I think that’s realistic. I’m letting go and leaning in! Here are my goals for the year 2019:

  1. Read 24 books. It seems like a lot, but two books a month seems feasible. Especially because sole of the books I’ve chosen are mercislessly shorter than others. Thank goodness! I’ve already started on my list and a good friend recommended an app to help me log my books. How cool is that?
  2. Learn a choreographed dance. And not just any dance routine, nope. I’m challenging myself to learn the moves in Ciara’s “Ride” music video. Again, seems like a lot, but I know I can do it! Truthfully, I have been wanting to teach myself this routine for a while! Why not tackle it now? I don’t expect my body to move the way Ciara’s moves, but I sure am gonna swing my hips anyway!
  3. Let go of guilt. This is my way of releasing low vibrating energy. I carry quite a bit of guilt and for no good reason. I dislike letting people down or potentially hurting feelings when I’m honest. I’m sure many people feel the same. Though, I have to continue to live my life in a way that is true to myself. And while I don’t purposely intend to hurt people’s feelings, I know sometimes it happens. I also know that my intentions are good, and if my being honest and truthful and transparent with someone unintentionally hurts you, I am deeply sorry, but I harbor no guilt. Not anymore.
  4. Write what’s in my heart. Now that I’ve set out to not let guilt get in the way, I feel free to share more of my heart through writing. A tandem goal to this is to blog more. Lucky you! Writing has always been cathartic to me. I look forward to putting more time into it.
  5. More yoga. I teach more than I take these days, and that’s gotta change. I put so much time and energy into providing a practice space for others. It’s time I see that same effort directed at myself.
  6. My last goal is to simply BE IN THE FLOW. This is my clever way of leaving an open ended catch all. It applies to literally everything, and I’m a big fan of that kind of idea. Whether it’s motherhood, my marriage, my friendships, my health, anything at all— I intend to be in the flow of it all and live in the present.

What are are your goals for 2019? Anything fantastic and wonderfully inspiring?


Wishing you the best!


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