Pumpkin Spice State of Mind



Gosh you guys! We have officially arrived in the second half of the year. Yep, that crisp morning air has hit the Washington coast, and I must say, I’m loving it. Truth be told, I got a head start. I spent my last couple weeks of Summer browsing sweater weather inspiration on Pinterest and baking all things pumpkin.


Yes, I am really embracing the Fall season more than ever before, and I think that’s in large credit to being a mom. My husband and I get excited for holidays, but not necessarily to the point where we absolutely had to have all the ceramic pumpkins to mark the season. And, I plan on gathering plenty more pumpkin decor, both faux and real.

Now that we can all dance joyfully in our oversized cable’knit sweaters and rain boots without the heavy criticism that “summer isn’t over yet”, I want to help you get in the mood for Autumn, so you too can bask in your Pumpkin Spice State of Mind. Not a pumpkin fan? Just channel your inner Apple Spice or Hot Cocoa spirit animal instead.


I’m going to share with you what I did to make my home a little cozier. So, grab a mug of your favorite Fall beverage, and let’s get started.

First off, this is your home. You want it to reflect who you are. You don’t need to be a super fancy blogger or interior designer to get the effect you’re looking for.

Secondly, this is supposed to be fun! If this is something that causes you stress, you’re doing it wrong. Take a friend with you, wear a plaid shirt, make it a thing! Seriously, take on the mindset that this is the highlight of your day, and it will be. Oh, and don’t forget to go pee when you get to the store. Somewhere along in life I read an article that people make smarter purchasing decisions after they’ve gone to the restroom inside the store they’re shopping at. Why? I don’t know, because science.


Step 1: Honestly here, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I’m a visual, tangible learner, and while Pinterest is great at many things, I needed to see my options in person. I had started thrifting  as a starting point because there are so many gems waiting to be found. But after I kept striking out, I knew what was next. And so it was hi-ho, off to HomeGoods I go. You guys, it did not disappoint. I found the cutest ceramic pumpkins at prices that fit my budget. Which brings me to my second tip.


Step 2: Build around one key design element. I fell in love with a ceramic white pumpkin with the most basic phrase. It was then that I knew I had to build from there. I had laid my foundation, and all I had to do was add to it. I found another smaller white pumpkin and so into the cart that went.


Step 3: Know when to stop. This is important. It’s easy to keep adding things to the cart just for the sake of meeting your pumpkin quota, but it’s imperative to know when the pond has been fished. You can always try again another day, don’t despair. This is actually a good thing because you get to take your time! Not too long though, because trust me there are a lot of women out there snatching up all those cute ceramic pumpkins and the fun little mugs and towels that say things like “Resting Witch Face” or “Fall so hard mother pumpkins wanna spice me”. You know, the usual things.

Anyway, i wish you good luck and many great finds! Finished decorating and feeling proud? Tag me in your photos! My username on Instagram is @magicmama_ 





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