Create Your Own Vision Board


In this post you’ll learn how to create your very own vision board. But, why? What is the point of this project? Well, it’s a fun and effective road map for creating change and personal growth. You release creativity, gain a deeper sense of self, and actively work toward your goals and dreams. Sounds like a great time, right? Let’s get started!


  • First, gather your materials.
    • poster board
    • gluestick
    • scissors
    • magazines
    • glitter (optional)
    • stickers (optional)
    • paint (optional)

**Probably the most well-known ingredient in creating a vision board is a magazine. I recommend at least 5 different magazines. Select magazines that include your interests, hobbies, and goals as well as colors and other aesthetics that appeal to you.


  • Have a plan. Once you’ve collected all you’ll need, grab a seat, your scissors, and get comfortable. Start flipping through your magazines looking for inspiration. Every time you come across an image or quote that speaks to you, cut it out. It can be a circular cut or a square. It doesn’t matter.
    • Pro Tip: Roughly arrange your cutouts on your poster-board. This helps you keep inventory and stay on track.


  • Make it your own and have fun with it. There are no real rules when it comes to the layout, just that your vision board reflects the true you or who you want to be. Have only yourself in mind when creating your board because it isn’t for anyone else but you.
    • Some like to include a picture of themselves and place it at the center adding in the cut out pieces around it in a circle.
    • Others prefer to work with categories and sections with labels in each area.
    • These are both great options, but the perfect one is the one that speaks to you.


  • Finish it up. After gluing down all your pieces, you may notice blank spaces (or maybe you won’t!) This is where paint and glitter and stickers come in to play. Fill in the gaps and let your creativity fly free. Anything visually pleasing really, because if your vision board makes you happy and smile, your body and your subconscious will be more receptive and open to change.



Click through the slideshow below to see the final product!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy creating!


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