DIY Cake Smash- Tips for Successful Photos

Ahh yes, the noteworthy Cake Smash session for your little cutie’s milestone birthday. It’s one of the trendiest searches on Pinterest. All of those photos look so fun, their little ones are well-behaved and delighting in their sweet treats-it’s all just so dang magical.

Keep reading to snag my tips!


Your heart yearns to create these photos. They’re the ultimate keepsake! But, there’s a few things holding you back: your budget, your equipment, limited photography knowledge, and a high-maintenance model (no? just me?)

Stay with me, girl! I’m going to share how I was able to pull off my very own cake smash, and how you can, too!


Just a quick disclaimer: Please, scroll slow, as I will be leaving the juicy tips in between photos. I know there are a lot of photos here, but it’s just to give you additional inspiration and because I’m in love with the results! I hope you will be, too!


Alright, first off, I’m going to share with you the important equipment I used for this dreamy cake smash photo-shoot.


Oh, and in case you were curious, my husband found this fun tiara headband at Claire’s! I couldn’t find an online link, but maybe you can find it at your local store.


So, as you might be able to tell, my daughter wanted nothing to do with her cake. She didn’t care that it was sweet and delicious, or that she could make as big of a mess as she wanted. She. didn’t. care.

I tried to sit with her and show her how to play with it, and it didn’t make a difference. Nevermind that I had been practicing my icing skills for weeks beforehand.


Get a couple candid shots, too! These are fun to look back on and share in the laughs.

Take in the perspective of your little cutie. Shoot from some angles that are from your son or daughter’s point of view.


I admit that I totally cheated and smudged frosting on her face AND helped her destroy her cake. I even had a few bites because, well…cake!

Can you blame me?


And then, my amazing mother-in-law had the most brilliant idea to hide the pacifier in the cake!! I mean, what a #genius idea! She’s a goddess, that woman.

So yes, we stuffed that pacifier in between layers of cake, and I waited for the perfect moment to snap the photo while Jade dug it out.


And it definitely looks like my little darling is clawing at her cake, living her best life, when  all she really wanted was her paci.

If your baby doesn’t take a pacifier, try hiding a small toy instead.


It was a journey to get these photos, and I happily say it was worth all of the effort.

Another awesome tip for you is to get the close ups on caked up feet. Something about little baby toes that are the cutest!


Don’t forget the “after” photos also. Shooting the entire cake smash from beginning to end helps to tell the story. No matter how crazy or silly it went.


Finally, my last tip for creating your dream cake smash session is to go with the flow. Fake the photos by staging them if you have to. My little diva did eat *some* of her cake, but not as much as these photos would leave you to believe, but’s okay!

I mean, do these photos look any less adorable?? I think not.

This is just another fun bonding moment with your child. Sit with them and eat the cake too. Don’t strive for perfection and you won’t be disappointed.




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