Femininity & Sass


This month, I am all about finding the love in everything. I am inspired and thriving on hues of pink, red, and lavender. Similarly, my energy is radiating femininity and sass. This moon has me feeling some of type of way, for sure! Am I doing anything differently? Well, as it just so happens, I am! I’m embracing creativity, staying focused on my goals, and embarking on new business (ad)ventures. I’m beginning to feel more in my element. My birthday is less than two weeks away, so I do attribute a lot of this to turning another year older, wiser, and dare I say, downright wonderful?

I thought I would share a bit about some of the changes I’ve made in my life.  Some of these changes include spreading kindness in my community and showering myself with love, which both are always a great thing to do!


As some of you may know, I branched out and started up my yoga business. I’m a one-woman show with marketing, bookkeeping, customer service, and teaching! There’s a lot going on at any given time, but I am over the moon about sharing the gift of yoga with my community.  And, this month I am hosting a giveaway basket stuffed full of goodies. It’s heart-warming to give back. I don’t get to do this often, so it’s especially fulfilling.

Also, I’ve been experimenting with donut recipes and cake decorating. You can imagine how many baked creations I’ve made. What in the world am I going to do with a dozen donuts and cupcakes? I’m going to surprise my friends with sweet deliciousness, of course!


Vanilla cake with maple rum buttercream topped with edible paper hearts

And finally, when there’s this much love pulsing all around me, I show myself some appreciation. I respect my level of confidence and act accordingly. I step up my selfie game and take it to another level. I may not always feel or look my best, and I thought I should channel my inner supermodel and put on a photo-shoot for myself.


I mean, as a blogger, everything’s kinda fair game, right? “Oh, I need this super random bowl because it’d look great in the blog!” But what about me? Well, same thing goes. I needed to this for me, and it felt damn good.


I’m a mother, a wife, a blogger, a business person, and one fierce woman.


Skirt is from PinkBlush



I hope you found inspiration in this post. Life truly does take a turn for the best when you try on a new perspective and do things differently from time to time. Live your best life today, and always!



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